5 Craziest Keyword Exclusions You Didn’t Know Google AdWords Had

If you’ve ever wondered why your ad didn’t show up, it could be because of one of these keyword exclusions. Whether it’s a word you used in your copy or one that was auto-suggested when you went to create your ad, these keywords may get blocked by Google AdWords for various reasons.

Cozma Claudiu


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1. Avoiding Irrelevant Keywords

One of the easiest ways to increase your AdWords budget is to stop paying for keywords that don’t drive real business.

If you’re a local restaurant, then it wouldn’t make sense to pay for people searching for “Italian food in Boston, MA.”

They might be looking for a nearby Italian place, but they could also be looking for an Italian restaurant in Italy! And if they are looking locally, why not just use Google Maps?

The exclusion tool allows you to tell Google not to show ads on certain types of searches that aren’t relevant.

For example: A hotel could exclude terms like “motel near me” because most hotels are too expensive compared with motels (unless you live in New York City or San Francisco). In addition, hotels generally have more expensive rates than motels do anyway.

2. Excluding Disparaging Terms

The second type of keyword exclusion is one in which Google will not let you advertise on a phrase that is considered to be offensive or disparaging.

For example, if your business sells products to the LGBT community, you can’t use a phrase like “I hate gays” as part of your advertisement. This also includes any mention of hate groups like the KKK.

You can also exclude keywords based on the word “free” or related terms (e.g., freebies, giveaway).

This means that if you sell ebooks online and want them featured in your ads, you cannot use these phrases in any way since it could be considered spammy by Google and result in a penalty for your account.



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