5 Unique Side Hustles To Make An Extra $1,000/Month

Cozma Claudiu
4 min readMar 24, 2023
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Every once in a while, it’s good to hear from someone who’s really made it work.

Someone who has side hustled her way to the top, reinvented herself in her 40s, and found herself doing something she loves — and making money while she’s at it.

That’s all anyone wants: a chance to do what they love and make some money doing it. And there are all sorts of ways you can do just that — without leaving your day job or disrupting your family life too much.

In this post, we’ll discuss five unique side hustles that will help you earn extra cash on the side while doing something fun or useful.

Become a translator.

There’s a huge demand for translators, and you can translate from a number of languages.

Translators are in high demand because many people don’t have the time or skills to learn another language themselves.

If you’re bilingual or trilingual (or even more), this is an excellent side hustle opportunity for you!

You may want to think about translating documents or web pages into English if your native language isn’t English.

You could also translate written material from Spanish into English if your second language is Spanish. There are…



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