9 Crucial Things Every Programmer Should Know

In software development, there are many different skills that you can learn and practice. But being a programmer is not just about knowing how to write code. There are several essential aspects of the profession that are often overlooked by beginners and even experienced developers alike.

Cozma Claudiu


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You should have a passion for learning.

It’s important to have a passion for learning. This is the only way you can keep up with the ever-changing technology world and be competitive in your field.

It’s also crucial that you learn from your mistakes. If you make a mistake, take time to think about what happened and why it happened. Make sure you understand the problem well enough so that it won’t happen again!

If there are problems that seem impossible to solve, try thinking outside of the box — maybe there’s another way of looking at things or approaching them from an angle no one has thought about before (or maybe just try asking someone else).

You are responsible for your education.

Programmers are constantly learning and growing. The best programmers I know have a relentless thirst for knowledge and love to learn new things.

The only way you can stay on top of the latest programming trends and tools is by paying attention, being proactive, and most importantly: taking responsibility for your own learning.

Don’t expect others to do the work for you; follow advice but ultimately make decisions based on your needs, abilities, and preferences rather than just following what other people say because it sounds cool or makes sense at first glance.

If no one else will teach us something, then it’s up to us as individuals to go out there and educate ourselves!

Have a portfolio of projects to show off.

Having a portfolio of projects you can show off is essential to get hired. It’s the best thing you can do to prove that you know what you’re doing…



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