How I Made $5.6k+ Selling eBooks on Gumroad — What I Learned

Cozma Claudiu
3 min readSep 13, 2023
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Let's start this journey with a dream. Picture yourself turning your deepest passion into a stream of cash. That's precisely what unfolded when I stepped into the captivating realm of eBook selling on Gumroad. This story is a rollercoaster of experiences, filled with moments of uncertainty and elation, all culminating in earnings exceeding a whopping $5.6k. Today, I'm here to unveil the chapters of my adventure and the golden lessons I gathered along the way.

**Getting Started**

It all ignited with a spark – a fervent desire to share my wisdom and stories with a global audience. Gumroad emerged as my chosen vessel, offering me the perfect platform. Armed with nothing but my determination and a keyboard, I painstakingly crafted eBooks that were more than just words on a screen; they were a reflection of my innermost passion.

**Creating Your eBooks**

Don't be fooled into thinking eBook creation is an arcane art. I relied on the simplest of tools: word processing software and free design resources. The secret? Simplicity is the name of the game. Your content's value is what truly matters.

**Setting Up on Gumroad**

Here's the surprise: setting up shop on Gumroad was a breeze. Their user-friendly interface guided me through the process, transforming my eBooks into digital treasures that awaited discovery. No tech wizardry required!

**Marketing Your eBooks**

Marketing was where the adventure took flight. I dabbled in various strategies – from crafting magnetic social media posts to curating engaging email newsletters, and even harnessing the power of good old word-of-mouth. But what's the ace up my sleeve? Well, keep reading to find out.

**Sales and Earnings**

The thrill of that very first sale was incomparable – akin to winning a lottery ticket to your dreams. Yet, it wasn't merely about the dollars; it was about building a bridge between my words and readers who resonated with them. Over time, those sales multiplied, leading to an astonishing figure of $5.6k+.

**Challenges Faced**



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